Bible of PPC
Bible of PPC

Bible of PPC

Bible of Pay Per Click

By Dr. Sol Adoni

Founder of Page One

Learn how to Maximize your PPC ROI


Bible of PPC Pay Per Click and Google Adwords was written by Sol Adoni an insider in the PPC Industry.

Are you a small business or a professional and trying to figure out the PPC Pay Per Click game run by Google via their Adwords?

This is the ultimate HOW TO BOOK OF for the PPC Industry.

Dr. Adoni explains all the common mistakes small companies make in their PPC Buys and also on their websites. For instance if your website doesn’t open within 1 second today, you are wasting most of your PPC Budget on people that do not wait for websites to load.

Sol Adoni is the founder of Page One a PPC Management Company that specializes in the super expensive PPC keywords for lawyers.

In this Book, Sol Adoni explains exactly how to make any small or local company #1 in their market on Google for PPC.

Sol Adoni explains how to set up landing pages to track response.

sol Adoni explains in detail what the Google Adwords algorithm looks for on websites and in ads.

Do you want to be #1 in your market on Google?